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BIBLE DIG: Archaeology

Mar 22, 2020

In this trying time, we wanted to share a collection of songs JS Earls wrote & recorded (from 1994-2008). We hope you enjoy them or can share them with someone that might receive something from them. Yes, several have a "retro" sound, but we believe God can use anything and anyone.


00:01 - Come Unto Me

03:16 - This Quiet Place

06:43 - Glorious Truth

10:52 - Wash You With My Tears

15:21 - I Bow Down

17:53 - Entwined


22:18 - Let It Be

24:24 - Victory 

28:16 - Jump For Joy

31:22 - Pow: The Power of God


JS EARLS: vocals & music

KEVIN PATTERSON: saxophone, guitars & vocals on This Quiet Place

ROBERT LARCOM: bass on Glorious Truth

DAISY EARLS: vocals on I Bow Down

RESURRECTION: rap on Victory 



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